The Joseph Stories: Family Reunion


This series takes a creative approach to the Joseph stories. Each day’s reflection imagines what one of the characters might have written in both their diary and their memoirs about the events in that day’s Scripture passage. While this approach sometimes requires us to “fill in the blanks” a bit with regard to what the characters are thinking and feeling, every effort has been made to stay as close to the Bible’s details as possible. The diary/memoir approach underscores how we often perceive—or don’t perceive—God’s hand in our lives.


Family Reunion

Read: Genesis 43:16-34

Is this your youngest brother, of whom you spoke to me?

(v. 29, NRSV)

If Benjamin had written in his diary after the events in this passage, what might he have said? DIARY: I felt bad for my dad when we left for Egypt, but I couldn’t help being excited, too! It seems like I’m always the one who is left behind. “Stay close to the tent, Ben!” Dad is always saying. But now I’m finally off on a trip with my brothers! The closer we got to Egypt, the more nervous they all became. But I don’t know what everyone is so worried about. That Egyptian governor seems really nice. Today he threw a banquet for us, and guess what? I got five times as much food as my brothers! This has been the best day of my whole life!

If Benjamin had written in his memoirs years after this experience, what might he have said? MEMOIR:  In retrospect, there were several subtle clues that there was more going on at that banquet than met the eye. The “Egyptian governor” was way too interested in our family. First he asked if our father was still alive. Then, when he spoke to me, he started to tear up and left abruptly. I understand now why he was so emotional. What I can’t understand is how he could keep his identity a secret for so long. I guess it was important for him to keep our brothers on the hot seat for a while.

Prayer: You know all our secrets, Lord. Help us to know what to hide and what to reveal.