Listening for Hope Series – Hope for Justice



Sometimes hope is hard to come by. The harder we search for it, the more elusive it is.

This seven part series leads us into and through Advent by inviting us to stillness. In that stillness, we may begin to hear hope’s song.


Hope for Justice

Scripture: Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19


Give the king your justice, O God. (Psalm 72:1a)


I remember reading this psalm on the eve of a presidential election. I was struck, first, by the contrast to any earthly ruler I knew. It was hard to imagine any of the candidates under consideration being described in such extravagant terms.

But then my attention turned to the priorities apparent in this prayer. First on the list is justice for the poor and the oppressed. With a ruler like that, who wouldn’t pray that he or she would rule “as long as the moon, throughout all generations.”

While I think earthly rulers would do well to study this prayer’s priorities, I suspect that the only ruler who truly lives up to this psalmist’s standards is God. And when we read these words during Advent, they help us to understand the priorities of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. They also call us to reevaluate our own priorities. How high is justice for the poor on your Christmas list?


Prayer: In our days, O God, may righteousness flourish and peace abound, until the moon is no more.