This is a 20-part series, published between April 10 and August 21, 2023.

Back before Netflix, people binged on Bible stories. In calling this series “The Crown” I’m hoping to encourage that same sort of “can’t watch just one” feel that I got when I watched the Netflix series of the same title.

Over the next few months we’ll be working our way through the fourteen chapters devoted to the struggle to succeed King David (2 Samuel 9-20; 1 Kings 1-2). Scholars refer to it as the “Succession Narrative,” and it’s a stunning piece of literature. The characters are complex and their motivations are mixed. Just when you think you have the measure of them, they up and do something completely unexpected. And the biggest surprise of all is when they say or do  something that speaks straight across the centuries with a word for our day.

Be warned. There are a lot of characters to keep straight. But I’ll do my best to help you keep track of them. For your part, just settle in for a good old-fashioned Bible story binge.


Carol M. Bechtel

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