Sometimes the Bible doesn’t say what we think it says.

In this series we will take a second look at some passages that are often misunderstood. While I can’t promise that these “double takes” will change the way you see the world, they may well change the way you see certain parts of the Bible.

In all candor, you may not experience these new perspectives as improvements. Sometimes it’s easier to keep thinking what we’ve always thought. But for me, it has been a blessing to reconsider my assumptions. I am reminded of something Barbara Brown Taylor once said about being dis-illusioned: “Disillusionment is the loss of illusion—about ourselves, about the world, about God—and while it is almost always painful, it is not a bad thing to lose the lies we have mistaken for the the truth.”*

May God grant you the courage to take a second look and the wisdom to know how to respond to what you see.

Carol M. Bechtel

*Barbara Brown Taylor, The Preaching Life (Boston: Cowley Publications, 1993), p. 8.